Debjit Bhowal

Developer, Engineer


Fire-fighting robot

Fero is an autonomous mobile robot that detects fire, approaches it, and then exitnguishes it. Code for sensor data acquisition and mechanisms for the actuators can be found in this repo.

Detecting solar flares

ISRO's Astrosat records solar activity in lightcurve files. That data was used along with consensus among multiple algorithms to detect and confirm solar flares.

Quick fill

A way to enter repetitive data before autofill was a thing. Graph based word matching. Limited only to Windows machines, probably for the better.

Self-balancing reaction wheel

A reaction wheel is a rotating disk mounted on top of an axle. It balances itself by gyroscopic forces caused by its rotation. This is a proof of concept code for 3D printed components and an Arduino.

Using AI to prove physics

We used computer vision to track kinematics of a ball falling in a viscous liquid. The acceleration and velocity data was used to prove Stoke's Law.

A scratchpad in your terminal

This is a tool for quick note-taking, straight from your terminal. Backed by a file for persistence. Can be infinitely improved, but kept just for nostalgia.

Spotify playlist maker

Write names of songs in a file, and watch them being added to your Spotify playlist. This is from the Covid-era when we streamed songs on Discord and needed a way to save the queue.

Book your vaccine

Another Covid-era project to book your vaccination. "Find slots near Kolkata at 1:00pm", it's that easy. This was to closely monitor slots, which were being quickly snatched up.


Thats it. Terminal based broadcasting. Everyone's starter pack for sockets.

Everything in data science

See some of my data science portfolio. This mostly covers some basic personal projects I did when I started learning about it. There's so much more where that came from!

Plus a lot more

Visit my GitHub for more repositories. Most of them are super scrappy and outdated, built just for an hour of fun, or to solve a personal problem. Happy trip down my memory lane!